Freedom Colony is a Great Place in Which to Live

February is when we celebrate the history of African-Americans and Westerville played a role. The city was on the path of the Underground Railroad, and Africa Road is a reminder of the trail taken by runaway slaves to liberty.

Freedom Colony is another reminder of Westerville’s prominence in the anti-slavery movement. Although the houses are not from that period, it is a quaint neighborhood in which to live.

Highly Educated Neighbors

The Freedom Colony community is college educated, and 70% of the residents have college degrees. People tend to be married and are in their upper forties. The commute to downtown Columbus is just over thirty minutes; not bad when you think of urban traffic. Highlands Park and Inniswood Metro Garden are within walking distance. The crime rate is very low; just what a home buyer would want in a neighborhood like this.

Freedom Colony is a settled area, and some of the houses are older than ordinary. A buyer should be very careful about this kind of situation. Older homes have a significant amount of charm to them. They also have perhaps some structural problems you are not aware of at all. The roof may be leaking, there could be cracks in the foundation, and there may be deposits of black mold in the basement. There are some things that you may not be looking for because you haven’t bought a house before. What is innocently overlooked can come back to haunt you as a significant expense.

Considering the Past

The past does not always stay behind us. There are circumstances when what happened a while back returns to cause a problem. Liens on a house may be the result of past due debts or issues with taxes. It is possible the present owner may not even be aware of some of these they serve as obstacles to a final sale, and liens need to be resolved. You can try to do all the research you wish, but you will discover that it becomes a full-time job. Real estate agents have the software and knowledge to go checking through the history before closing. Dimitri Zubrich Group has the professional expertise you need to do some other work below the surface.

We like older homes, but we are aware of the problems which these houses might have. We are careful about the property and want to know much as possible. We will investigate whether there have been problems with the structure in the past, and if the owner needs to have certain repairs made. Knowing what needs to be repaired is a critical component of the transaction. It often happens that a few thousand dollars can be knocked off the sales price to allow for renovation work. Not everybody who is buying a house is aware of that, and an experienced negotiator is what a new home buyer needs. It is something that Dimitri Zubrich Group excels in. We make sure that any utility budget is addressed, and a decision made about who is going to pay off the balance. If there’s anything wrong with the roof, we point that out when it comes time to determine the final price.

We are Professionals

What is going to help is our professional demeanor. Closing price transactions can get very emotional for some people, but we are cool, calm, and collected. This is a business for us, and we represent our clients faithfully. We also see to it that all the paperwork is ready for signature. It means going over items such as title insurance, but that is all part of the job for us. Dimitri Zubrich Group puts in the time to make sure that our clients get the very best price.

We are committed to Westerville as a place to do business. We concentrate on this beautiful city because of the high real estate found here. No one knows the neighborhoods of Westerville the way we do. We are experts in the property, and we are aware of where all the amenities of life can be found. If you are looking for a home in Westerville, we are the people you should be talking to about it. We encourage anyone who is thinking of buying a home to contact us as soon as possible. We want to be able to tell you how we can be of service.

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