The Music of Westerville

the music of westervilleThe Music Of Westerville

An image often conjured up about suburbs of a large city is they are bedroom communities. These towns are places where people come home to eat and sleep with not much else to offer. That is not true in Westerville, Ohio. This is a city in its own right and is more than just a bedroom stop for workers in Columbus Ohio. There is a music scene in Westerville which is well developed.

The Orchestras

The Westerville Symphony orchestra stands out in the music scene. Since it was established in 1964, the symphony has provided music for the Westerville area enjoyment. Working with the Music Department of Otterbein University, the Symphony has provided real entertainment and enjoyment for audiences. The Otterbein University Department of Music is not to be outdone when comes to concerts. They have a program of concerts which includes The Youth Philharmonic of Central Ohio. There also are various musical presentations that showcase instruments such as woodwinds and varieties of music such as jazz.

The Choirs

Professional singers consider their voice to be their instrument. The same is true for the various choir groups in Westerville. The Westerville chorus has 45 singers in the choir and has provided vocal entertainment for the past 40 years. Otterbein University has always been a center for culture in Westerville and the Otterbein choirs, with six vocal ensembles on campus, will provide repertoires of various types of choral music. Church has always been a primary venue for choirs. The First Presbyterian Church of Westerville is known for its choir and favorable things have been said about the choir of Grace Fellowship Church. Incidentally, it is possible to hire a choir for a special occasion. You can place a request for a choir on

Music Lessons

Music lessons are not that hard to come by. Music and Arts is a store that has an opportunity for people to take music lessons as well. The instructors specialize in instruments such as trumpets, percussion, guitar, and trombone. It is also possible to get piano lessons and voice from any one of the staff. If you need to rent or buy musical instruments you can also do that at Music and Arts. The Westerville Center for the Arts is a place where a person can go for both vocal lessons and guitar lessons.

There is music in the Westerville air and it adds to the atmosphere of this beautiful city. People enjoy all the cultural events that are available. If you wish to set down roots in Westerville, a good idea would be to have a real estate agent direct you to the right neighborhoods. This person will help you find the schools you need close by, as well as other amenities that make life enjoyable. You may want to have a home near to where the music is going to be played. The neighborhoods around Otterbein University are perfect and some of the homes are just waiting for a buyer.

The same is true for the streets and side roads close to the Westerville Center for the Arts. You have an opportunity to listen to some of the very best music. It is critical to have a house that you can afford on your budget. This is where the real estate agent can help you with. He or she can show those properties that you specify are within your spending boundaries. Always remember the real estate agent works for you. He or she is not trying to just collect a commission.

Westerville definitely does not take a backseat to Columbus Ohio when it comes to music. It is all there in this northeastern corner of Franklin County. You can listen to symphonies, delight in choir presentations, and even learn a musical instrument if you so wish. Westerville is a city that has business but also high levels of culture. This is the kind of community where you can enjoy the finest things in life, and your children can be beneficiaries as well. It does require having the professional expertise of a good real estate agent. You want to be able to enjoy culture but in a home that fits your lifestyle and your budget. The right real estate agent is going to be able to help you make all of this happen.

Restaurants in Westerville

Restaurants in WestervilleThere is more to going out to eat than passing through the drive-by window. Fast food is alright for a quick lunch, but now and then you want to have a special dinner. You would like to go to a nice restaurant with a proper atmosphere and the ambience. If you live in Westerville, you are in luck. This city has some of the very best restaurants in central Ohio.

Amazing Restaurants

The Old Bag of Nails Pub is a landmark in downtown Westerville. People have remarked that it serves the best fish and chips in the area, and the service is out of this world. The Uptown Deli and Brew is in the same neighborhood and has a reputation for excellent sandwiches and extremely good quality of beer. Americans have a long time love affair with Chinese food and the Lucky House Chinese Restaurant of Westerville is a great place to get egg rolls and fried rice. What is nice about the restaurant is the service is quick and the food is hot. Lucky House has a reputation for real Chinese flavor in its food. Its Sunday buffet is considered one of the best in the area.

Americans also have the desire for Italian food. Cardone’s Restaurant and Bar is a place where people will go before heading to a concert at Otterbein University. The atmosphere of the restaurant is superior and the cuisine is straight out of Rome. This is one of those restaurants that is family owned, which gives it its own unique quality.

Giammarco’s Italian restaurant is another favorite place in Westerville. Its Sunday breakfast is something that people go out of their way to enjoy. Pizza is an Italian staple in United States and it is especially good at this restaurant. This place is a little off the beaten track but really is worth investigating.

If you enjoy a little wine with your cheese you can find some great places in Westerville. The Meza Wine Shop sells some of the best vintages around, and its owners are willing to share their knowledge of the grape with you. The Wine Bistro of Westerville has a great selection of wine and also has wonderful food. You can soak in the ambience and enjoy some of the appetizers that the owners have for your appreciation.

You can always check the reviews in the newspaper about restaurants but here’s another idea. Yelp is a consumer review board which is known for honest evaluations. By all means take a look at what this website has to say about a given restaurant.

Selecting A House to Fit Your Taste

Choosing the right property to buy is little more complicated than reading a menu. There are a lot of for sale signs up in the Westerville area right now, but not every house is worth your attention. If you have a family or special requirements, a little bit of research is going to be important. You may not have the time or the resources to do that properly. A real estate agent does. This professional has the software needed to do the proper research, and is very familiar with the appropriate public agencies.

If there are any hidden problems such as title disputes or housing code violations the real estate agent will alert you to them. Warning flags such as needed repair work will be hoisted by this real estate expert. Some people grumble about the commissions but you must always remember an ethical agent works on your behalf. You will no doubt appreciate the value best on the closing day. It is at the table you discover just how much work your real estate agent has done to help you find the right place. The paperwork is all ready for you to sign.

You can find all kinds of delicacies and treats in the Westerville restaurants. You can also find a house best suited to your taste, whether it is in the center of town or out near Hoover reservoir. All you need is to have a good real estate agent wait on you and help you make your selection. Selecting a good real estate agent is the first step in buying a Westerville house of considerable value.

Lewis Center

It is true that Lewis Center can be fairly quiet. After all, Orange Township is located in the farm country of Delaware County. This does not mean the sidewalks are rolled up when the sun goes down. There is a fair amount of activity and fun for everyone.

You do have to respect the fact that a lot of what goes on is family oriented. This should come as no surprise since Lewis Center is a great place to raise children. Kids are the center of activity in many parts of Lewis Center. The Sky Zone Trampoline Park is a local favorite and has received good reviews on Yelp.

Lewis Center is within the confines of the Olentangy State Scenic River Valley. Those who want to spend quality time with their children can do it at Highbanks Metro Park, one of the best nature spots in all of central Ohio. There is also a great wildlife sanctuary at Shale Hollow Preserve.

Football season is starting and there is no need to go into Columbus to find a sports bar. You can find one in Lewis Center and it is the Skybox Sports Bar.  There is a local watering hole called the Whiskey Run Lodge and it is a great place to just kick back with your friends and have a few cold drinks. Caribbean Jerks is another sports bar and is also a late night restaurant. Happy hour there is on Wednesday; you get to unwind in the middle of the week. Joe’s Original is right in Lewis Center. All of these local gathering places have a reputation for both atmosphere and friendly service.

The OhioHealth Chiller Ice Rinks has a facility in Lewis Center for all those who wish the NHL would just take a look. This is a small community but Lewis Center has two local high schools close by: Olentangy High School and Olentangy Orange High School. There is a friendly sports rivalry between the two schools.

People who move into this area accept the fact this is not going to be as frantically active as Columbus. They didn’t move here for the nightlife. What residents want is enough activity to make living in this area pleasant. It is all sufficient to everyone’s needs and there is a chance to just enjoy the company of friends and family. If a person wants to see a major concert or watch a professional hockey team play, downtown Columbus is approximately thirty minutes away. You can go there for special occasions and still have ordinary fun close to where you live.

The real estate in Lewis Center is priced in the upper level. A buyer has to be willing to spend several hundred thousand dollars to get a good property. It makes having an experienced real estate agent essential. You shouldn’t try to shop for a house by simply driving around.

Those who want to sell their home in Lewis Center must have access to good real estate marketing. They should not attempt to sell these high priced homes by themselves as they risk losing money. A skilled real estate agent can make sure the public knows about the house and all of its amenities. The negotiations can center on improvements which could be in the tens of thousands of dollars. A good agent can make the difference between a small or large profit margin. All that goes into the real estate transaction, whether it is buying or selling, is made much easier and more efficient if a qualified real estate agent is part of the process.

Lewis Center is uniquely located between the urban bustle of Columbus and the rural peace of Delaware County. The action is tailored to those who have a city mindset but enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the country. It is a place to raise kids and enjoy watching them turn into adults.

Perhaps the best feature of Lewis Center is being with your children and enjoying your friends. The autumn and all of its colors will very soon be with us. There is nothing better than watching Nature turn the leaves to all kinds of colors. You can see all of this for yourself in Lewis Center. It just requires having the right house in the best neighborhood.