home upgrades

The home improvement industry in the United States is growing at an alarming rate. Many Americans spend thousands of dollars each year upgrading and remodeling their house. While the dwindling housing market has forced some homeowners to rethink their home upgrade plans, others continue to invest believing that the upgrades will improve the value and salability of their house. But are all the home improvement projects worth the money you spend on them? If you are a homeowner looking to spend some money on home upgrades, think before you begin the project and please, be careful with your home upgrades. Here is a list of home upgrades that are a waste of money:

  • Finishing an attic – Most people are unlikely to use their attic for anything. A well-finished attic may not add to the value of your home.
  • Wallpapers – Your new buyer may want to decorate the house in his or her favorite colors and patterns. They will have to go through the trouble of ripping the old wallpaper before decorating the house. Many people will not prefer this.
  • Bathroom remodeling – Bathroom remodeling can help your home. It is not a complete waste of money but you should focus on utility rather than the style.
  • Unconventional kitchen appliances – While you may love to have some unique appliances around your home, remember that not everyone cares for them and may not shell out extra money to pay for them.
  • White floors and carpets – White color looks fresh and beautiful. However, many people do not wish to buy a home with white floors as they are difficult to clean and maintain. It can turn into a home upgrade that is a complete waste of your money.
  • Extensive landscaping – High-end landscaping projects look exotic. They can definitely add to the curb appeal of your home. However, they may be difficult to maintain. Many home buyers, therefore, prefer a simple setup.
  • Patio accessories – Patio décor such as fountains, ponds and gazebos look great but will not add value to your home.
  • Swimming pools – Many experts believe that the addition of swimming pools in backyard will not increase the value of your home or improve its chances of getting sold.
  • Basement upgrades – Be cautious about basement upgrades as well. While some buyers may prefer a finished basement, most people will not pay extra for those luxury upgrades and unusual features. Plan your basement upgrade project carefully.