Brokstone is a great neighborhood!

Brookstone is one of those neighborhoods where a friendly atmosphere is felt in the breeze. This part of Westerville is located close to Hoover Reservoir.

The Brookstone Community Association provides information about the local businesses, and there is a pleasant neighborly feeling in the marketplace of this area. The average house in the neighborhood hovers around $265,000 and will be on the market 54 days.

Getting the Word Out

The average time on the market for a Brookstone house is not too bad but is not exactly too good, either.

A seller should be able to move the house within six or seven weeks, or else the price of the property is going to drop. The days go by quickly, and the seller has to get busy. The house he or she lives in may be the only property owned and, consequently, the seller has no idea how to represent the property best. It takes much more than putting a sign out in front of the house.

Marketing requires the use of all media to get the word out. Also, it helps to have leads as far as those people who are seriously looking to purchase. The sources are not always available to a regular homeowner. A real estate agent does have access to certain media outlets. Moreover, this person also has leads on individuals who are actively looking. Dimitri Zubrich Group can alert the public to a house in Brookstone going up for sale.

We seek to arrange showings as quickly as possible. You can expect to have several families go through your property in the matter of just a couple of days. While we are committed to moving the property, we do this with deliberate speed. We want to get the best price for your Brookstone house, and that means doing a sound market analysis. We compare your home against comparable dwellings and then see where there might be an advantage for you.

We know that sometimes it is tough to part with the property. There may be a room with special paint which has sentimental value for you. Nevertheless, that same color may not be something that a buyer wants or may be outdated. We advise all our clients on how to best prepare the house for viewing. It doesn’t take long for a seller to realize that our advice is the best in the area.

Going Through the Final Negotiations

Real estate is the epitome of the market system. There is back-and-forth that occurs all the time during the negotiations. The discussions can get emotional, and Dimitri Zubrich Group can handle the heat. We have been through this before, and we know how to negotiate sensibly. At the close the day we seek the best price possible for your house. Our past clients are satisfied with what we could negotiate.

A primary task of the real estate agent is to make certain that all the loose ends are tied together before the closing day. It is the paperwork and the attention to detail which makes hiring real estate agent a very smart idea. Dimitri Zubrich Group looks through all the nooks and crannies of the paperwork. We check and double check the information, so there will be no surprises when the money and the deed change hands. There should be no drama on the closing day, and you can be confident we will make this a smooth transaction.

We take great pride in our focus on Westerville. We concentrate all our efforts and research on this part of Franklin County. We firmly believe that an individual will find living in Westerville to be one of the best decisions. Furthermore, we know that the value of the real estate is such that a good price can realized by the person who is ready to sell the property. Dimitri Zubrich Group knows this territory as if it were our backyard. You will quickly discover that the guidance we provide is the kind that is going to make a profit for you.

We enjoyed answering questions that people have, and we would love to answer yours. It is not difficult to arrange for an appointment. We will be happy to share information with you and would appreciate being able to work for you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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