Landings-Mariners-Windsor is beautiful Community!

If you think that real estate is all about the indoors, then you only know half of the story. The outdoors is just as important, and homes surrounded by natural beauty are excellent properties.

The Westerville area is committed to the environment, with numerous trails and bike paths going through stretches of land purposely left undeveloped. Landings – Mariners – Windsor is a subdivision in Westerville that is fortunate to have the Hoover Reservoir on its eastern boundary. Hoover Dam and the park connected to it is a natural treat.

Beautiful Scenery

The dam and the park are places where you can enjoy being with your kids in a picnic setting. There are areas for Frisbee golf, and bike riders are welcome. Sunrise at Hoover Dam is so beautiful that churches will have morning services close to the walkway on the dam itself. Other nature areas that are close by including the Inniswood Metro Gardens Blendon Woods Park, and the Shar – Mark Ridge preserve. These are not too far away from the Landings – Mariners – Windsor neighborhood.

The community itself is well-established. Approximately 96% of all the residents own their home. This is important to keep in mind. Mind you; there is nothing wrong with renters; many are very good people. The difference is that homeowners are more concerned about the appearance and upkeep of their property. They will invest more time and effort to make sure that the exterior looks beautiful and that the utilities on the inside are working properly.

The pride of home ownership shows in the sales price commanded. A home in this neighborhood can cost well over $400,000, but in many ways, the price is worth it. You can live in a beautiful home surrounded by nature and close to Hoover Dam and its outdoor attractions.

Home Buying is not Easy

Buying a house is the largest purchase many people make in their life. It is a very complex transaction. Many buyers do not realize the amount of paperwork that is necessary to complete the deal successfully. The purchase requires more than a handshake.

The process includes making sure all the inspections are completed, and that offers, and counteroffers are prepared. The experienced real estate agent will spot possible issues, such as utility budgets. An inexperienced person may not realize the importance of title searches, which may uncover problems.

There are a lot of forms and documents that are part of the final closing. Making sure everything is accurate and in order takes a fair amount of effort. A person can do all the work if he or she has the time. That usually is not the case. Moreover, most people do not have access to the databases the real estate agency has. A buyer can spend hours going through records and not knowing which ones are important.

We Work Hard for You!

Real estate agent gets paid a commission, and it is essential this professional earns the money. Dimitri Zubrich Group works hard for the money. We do more than just make the commission; we go the extra mile for you! We follow up on all the inspections and let you know about the condition of the house you have an interest in. When it comes to the negotiations, we make sure that you are not unfairly treated by the other side. We will represent you at the closing, making certain that there are no surprises in the final paperwork. You can trust us to go above and beyond normal expectations. It is part of our commitment to giving you the best service.

There is no question that the Landings – Mariners – Windsor subdivision is one of the more attractive neighborhoods in the Westerville area.  People who own houses here understand what quality is, and have property from which they derive a great deal of personal satisfaction. We help you decide which home is best suited for your needs and, most important of all, what you can afford.

We are focused on Westerville and all the property within this municipality. Unlike other agents, we have a complete knowledge of the territory. Dimitri Zubrich Group provides several services for all clients, which makes working with us a very smart idea. We welcome the opportunity to tell you a little bit more about us and hope you would consider contacting us. We can arrange a meeting at your convenience to go over all our services.