Mc-Vay Woods – McDot Farms are Fantastic Neighborhoods

A person driving through Westerville might be surprised to learn how much of this was once farmland and pasture.

The North-East section of Franklin County and the southern part of Delaware County were rural scenes not too long ago. The change the result of the dramatic increase in population over the last 20 or so years. It has been exciting but there are people who still look for the peace and quiet of the countryside. McVay Woods – McDot Farms fit those requirements nicely.


Fairly Affluent Property

Please do not think of these homes as renovated barns. They most certainly are not. There is a cost for the peace and quiet. A residence in McVay Woods has an average selling price of approximately $350,000, and McDot Farms averages over $280,000 per house. The homes are not something you would find stuck in a cornfield. The prices mean a sizable mortgage but there are people more than willing to pay for the nice environment. Some of the same people take risks that are little bit foolish.


These are the kind of folks who watch the cable television shows and believe that they can handle the closing on the house. They dismiss real estate agents as just an unnecessary expense and read up on what they should do. These inexperienced people will go to that final closing day, sit down across the table from the seller, and get a very nasty surprise.

Little Demons in the Paper

The paperwork for a house closing is a bit more extensive than many buyers realize. Everything has to be in good order or it can stop the final transaction dead in its tracks. Something as simple as a title search can resurrect a prior claim to the property.

Dimitri Zubrich Group covers the board when it comes to buying a house. We naturally do is much as possible for our client in negotiations and in viewings, but we realize that the closing day is critical. The research necessary to determine any loose ends is conducted and we make sure there are no hidden landmines in the paperwork. We are committed to making certain that closing is as effortless as possible. Those who have used our services before have all commented favorably about our professionalism. We know the real estate in Westerville better than anyone else.

It is Best to Use a Real Estate Agent

Being your own real estate agent is like being your own attorney and a law court. The chances were things going wrong are quite real and can happen. A buyer may think he or she has a great deal of real estate knowledge. Unfortunately, what they know is nothing compared to what an experienced real estate agent understands. Trying to save a commission can only result in greater problems later.

Dimitri Zubrich Group works on behalf of its clients. We value these people and we do not want them to be devastated by a closing day fiasco. In fact, the client does not have to be at the closing unless he or she would like to be there. We can handle everything for them if requested. What we do for closing day is part of the comprehensive real estate services we offer to homebuyers. It doesn’t matter if the person is a first-time buyer, or trying to purchase a new home to replace the old one. We give the same kind of attentive service.

We enjoyed answering questions that people have, and we would love to answer yours. It is not difficult to arrange for an appointment. We will be happy to share information with you and would appreciate being able to work for you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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