Spring Grove is a Well Cared for Neighborhood

Westerville is a city defined by its neighborhoods. Each one has its own unique qualities and attractions. There’s something for everybody in this fast-growing urban area of Northeast Franklin County. Welcome to Spring Grove!

Spring Grove is one of the Westerville neighborhoods that is appealing to the right kind of person looking for unique qualities.

Urban Peace and Quiet

People work in downtown Columbus or one of the many companies that dot the I – 270 Outer belt. No matter where the job is there is a fair amount of pressure and stress in the fast-paced central Ohio economy. It is nice to have someplace to go and just settle back. Spring Grove is noted for a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Low incidence of crime adds to a general feeling of security.

Appearances matter when it comes to ambiance. The ability to walk down the street and not be bothered by a lot of heavy traffic noise is something that many people want. Spring Grove is the kind of community where taking a stroll is not a walk on the wild side at all. The property is very well maintained, and people are proud of the exterior appearance of their homes.

Spring Grove borders on Alum Creek State Park, and the wildlife and natural habitat just add to the overall peaceful atmosphere. A person can easily take a drive down Sunbury Road and take in all the beauty of the area.

Residents in the area are quick to remark about the friendly neighbors and the natural beauty of Spring Grove. It is a sector of Westerville which is family-friendly, and a place to walk your dog in the peace and quiet.

The Data

Realtor.com lists the median closing price for a Spring Grove house to be approximately $254,000. Average taxes are close to $5,500 and vary depending on the property. The average cost per square foot is less than the Franklin County average. Houses are approximately 40 years old. Mark Twain Elementary School, Walnut Springs Middle School, and Westerville North High School are where children go to get their education. There currently are no private or charter schools nearby.

You may be looking for property, and the possibilities in Spring Grove can be very attractive. We suggest, however, that you move deliberately. The size of a mortgage for Spring Grove property is going to be high. You need to be sure that the house that you purchase is exactly what you want. It is too bad, but that doesn’t always happen. Too often, people will go into a closing not knowing much about that property.

Dimitri Zubrich Group provides professional service to those seeking a residence. Buyers, particularly those who are buying the first home, will find the advice and guidance we offer is more than valuable. Many of our clients notice how they have saved thousands of dollars because we have helped negotiate a fair price.

We see to it that all the paperwork that is a part of a real estate transaction is prepared and ready for signature. People have come to rely on us in many will seek our services when they are ready to buy a second house. We have a reputation for being both professional and sensitive to the needs of those we serve.

It is an excellent idea to do a little planning before you start looking. We recommend that you look at some of the houses currently listed for sale in the Spring Grove neighborhood. Please do make use of the mortgage calculator we have on the website and let it give a general idea of what you can afford. The next step is to get the right advice.

Dimitri Zubrich Group is the best place to go professional in the state guidance. We concentrate on the Westerville area, and we know every nook and cranny. We want to find out what you would like to have in your dream home, and we can certainly help you find it. Please contact us and give us a general idea you are looking for in a home. We can then arrange an appointment at your convenience and explore opportunities a little bit further.

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