Welcome to Woodglen!

 Woodglen is a south-east residential community of Westerville, Ohio. It is surrounded by the Hoover Dam, Inniswood Metro Park and McVay Elementary school. 


There are several popular Westerville neighborhoods close to the Hoover Reservoir, and Woodglen is one of them. This neighborhood has a very settled atmosphere which makes it attractive for a number of people.

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The Big Picture

Woodglen has a population that is just a little bit older than the surrounding area. The age bracket 45 to 64 years is where you will find a lot of the Woodglen neighbors. Small families with no more than three members are the typical households. Something that sticks out about Woodglen, which those looking for a house want to think about, is the high percentage of people who own property.

There are very few rentals in this area. While this does not mean that renters are bad people, it does mean that the population in this area is not one that changes every one or two years. The median closing price in Woodglen is $323,000, and property is around $109 per square foot.

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Woodlen is very close to Inniswood Metro Gardens

The Inniswood Metro Gardens is a botanical garden and nature preserve located at 940 South Hempstead Road in Westerville, Ohio.

Inniswood boasts more than 2,000 species of plants, specialty collections and several theme gardens including the rose, herb and woodland rock garden.

Visitors will enjoy the seasonal beauty of the gardens and natural areas as they stroll along two miles of trails and paved pathways.

Inniswood Metro Park is open daily from 7 a.m. to dark. The Innis House, former residence of Grace and Mary Innis, is open Tuesday through Friday 8am-4:30pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am-4pm and is closed Monday and holidays. For information about programs at Inniswood simply call (614) 895-6216. 

inniswood metro park

You need a seasoned professional

Woodglen does have a challenge when it comes to selling. The median price is a little bit high and homes are on the market for an average of close to 50 days. That can be a little bit of an issue for anyone selling the house. It is always best to have a house on the market no more than one month; the longer the property is up for sale, the greater the tendency to lower the asking price. Woodglen is a beautiful neighborhood, and are good schools close by. Some people would be interested in living in the area. An individual may benefit from having an experienced real estate agent handle the sale.

You can always try to sell the house by yourself, but you’re going to be investing a lot of your free time. You will be involved in the marketing of the property as well as all the paperwork and title search required to sell a house. Negotiating the final price of a home can be tricky. You may find yourself across the table from an experienced real estate agent, who is committed to serving his or her client.

If you do not have experience with selling a house, you may be at a disadvantage. Even though Woodglen property commands a high price, there is a definite possibility you may lose thousands of dollars on that final sales number. These are all reasons why it is a good idea to have a real estate agent who knows what to do in a tight situation. You can expect high-quality professional service from Dimitri Zubrich Group.

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Committed to the area

Some real estate agents will work with property all over Franklin and Delaware County. They want to spread their nets wide, but that means their research is a little bit narrow. Dimitri Zubrich Group concentrates on the Westerville area. We know the territory and, more importantly, we are aware of how to attract prospective buyers. We’ll take advantage of all the resources at our command to get the word out about your Woodglen property.

It is possible your house may need some renovation. While you may have a sentimental interest in the wallpaper or perhaps the paint in one room, a buyer does not. We can make recommendations to you on how to spruce up the property to attract an interested buyer. Please understand that we do not question your taste in colors; we are more interested in the paint that sells the property. Our intention is to make sure that you as the seller make as much money as possible.

The give-and-take of the final sales price is not a problem for Dimitri Zubrich Group. We can handle the pressure and negotiate a fair price that still provides you with a nice profit. We make a point of letting you know everything about the negotiations and, please remember, we work for you as the client. A good sale is what we are most concerned about.

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We have a variety of services which we provide to all our clients and would love to discuss them with you.

Please contact us and ask as many questions as you like. We would welcome the opportunity to help you get the full value of the home you are selling.

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