Farmer’s Market in Westerville

Packaged produce sometimes is all you see on the dinner table. We are all used to the convenience of what we buy at the super market, but that doesn’t mean that it is always tasty or as fresh as possible. Folks now and then want a change from the canned stuff or what is wrapped in cellophane. A farmer’s market exists to fill that urge and delight the palate. Westerville happens to have a great one.

The Uptown Westerville Farmer’s Market

On Wednesdays from May to October downtown Westerville hosts one of the best farmer’s markets you will ever find. This has been a mainstay of the summer since 2006, and vendors will come from as far away as Mt. Gilead and Washington Court House (not to mention nearby Licking and Delaware counties). Seasonal vegetables and fruits are the main products, but cheese and home baked goods may also be found on display. There once was a time when such markets were cash only affairs but the vendors now accept major debit and credit cards (People prefer plastic and do more shopping with them). What makes the Uptown Westerville Farmer’s Market so interesting is the nature of the offerings. The produce changes on a routine basis and the vendors one week may be replaced by someone else the following Wednesday. Clover honey may be popular one day and the next market session will feature zucchini delicacies. The variety and the fluid community of vendors makes this the most interesting affair to go to in the middle of the week.

The Great Benefits

A farmer’s market has some serious advantages over the commercial food store:
1.    The produce is ordinarily organic and does not have GMO substance in it;
2.    Very Fresh. The fruits and vegetables are usually picked the day before;
3.    Picked at the peak of ripeness. You are not eating something that is a few weeks old;
4.    Tastes great! Admit it, fresh corn always pleases the taste buds.
5.    Helps the local economy.
That last comment doesn’t just mean the farmers alone. People come into downtown Westerville and take some time to do a little extra shopping as well. The small business and merchants appreciate the uptick in their own business resulting from the market. The event happens rain or shine, and there is plenty of free parking. If you have a taste for the very freshest produce possible in season, this is a market worth checking out.

Small Town Ambiance

Westerville is one of the fastest growing cities in Ohio but still maintains some small town charm. An article in Money Magazine noted how the weekly farmer’s market provided the opportunity to mix a little produce shopping with the atmosphere of Westerville. The architecture and homes of the downtown are there to be appreciated. The market is close to Otterbein University, reminding people that Westerville also has the character of any college town in the Midwest. Everything here has a nice elegance and grace to it. It lets people know that a growing suburb like Westerville has not forgotten its farm roots; they run deep in the ground and spirit of this city.

Real Estate Opportunities

Real Estate isn’t part of the Uptown Farmer’s Market but the neighborhoods close by are active house markets. There is property going up for sale and being bought all of the time. The downtown is fairly historic, and there are homes with a great history behind them. The ones for sale are just waiting for the right buyer.

Downtown Westerville is a place where families can enjoy the scenery and the fun. There are restaurants and curio shops lining the street, and baskets of flowers are on every lamp post. Someone who is seriously thinking of buying property in Westerville should take the opportunity to go to the Westerville Uptown Farmer’s Market. You get the opportunity to buy fresh squash or tomatoes and the chance to walk around the downtown. Westerville is not far from the heart of Columbus, but it rests in a world that is calmer and lot more scenic. Your hunt for the right house can start any Wednesday in uptown Westerville and can stroll on the sidewalks until the best place for you and your family is found.