It is true that Lewis Center can be fairly quiet. After all, Orange Township is located in the farm country of Delaware County. This does not mean the sidewalks are rolled up when the sun goes down. There is a fair amount of activity and fun for everyone.

You do have to respect the fact that a lot of what goes on is family oriented. This should come as no surprise since Lewis Center is a great place to raise children. Kids are the center of activity in many parts of Lewis Center. The Sky Zone Trampoline Park is a local favorite and has received good reviews on Yelp.

Lewis Center is within the confines of the Olentangy State Scenic River Valley. Those who want to spend quality time with their children can do it at Highbanks Metro Park, one of the best nature spots in all of central Ohio. There is also a great wildlife sanctuary at Shale Hollow Preserve.

Football season is starting and there is no need to go into Columbus to find a sports bar. You can find one in Lewis Center and it is the Skybox Sports Bar.  There is a local watering hole called the Whiskey Run Lodge and it is a great place to just kick back with your friends and have a few cold drinks. Caribbean Jerks is another sports bar and is also a late night restaurant. Happy hour there is on Wednesday; you get to unwind in the middle of the week. Joe’s Original is right in Lewis Center. All of these local gathering places have a reputation for both atmosphere and friendly service.

The OhioHealth Chiller Ice Rinks has a facility in Lewis Center for all those who wish the NHL would just take a look. This is a small community but Lewis Center has two local high schools close by: Olentangy High School and Olentangy Orange High School. There is a friendly sports rivalry between the two schools.

People who move into this area accept the fact this is not going to be as frantically active as Columbus. They didn’t move here for the nightlife. What residents want is enough activity to make living in this area pleasant. It is all sufficient to everyone’s needs and there is a chance to just enjoy the company of friends and family. If a person wants to see a major concert or watch a professional hockey team play, downtown Columbus is approximately thirty minutes away. You can go there for special occasions and still have ordinary fun close to where you live.

The real estate in Lewis Center is priced in the upper level. A buyer has to be willing to spend several hundred thousand dollars to get a good property. It makes having an experienced real estate agent essential. You shouldn’t try to shop for a house by simply driving around.

Those who want to sell their home in Lewis Center must have access to good real estate marketing. They should not attempt to sell these high priced homes by themselves as they risk losing money. A skilled real estate agent can make sure the public knows about the house and all of its amenities. The negotiations can center on improvements which could be in the tens of thousands of dollars. A good agent can make the difference between a small or large profit margin. All that goes into the real estate transaction, whether it is buying or selling, is made much easier and more efficient if a qualified real estate agent is part of the process.

Lewis Center is uniquely located between the urban bustle of Columbus and the rural peace of Delaware County. The action is tailored to those who have a city mindset but enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the country. It is a place to raise kids and enjoy watching them turn into adults.

Perhaps the best feature of Lewis Center is being with your children and enjoying your friends. The autumn and all of its colors will very soon be with us. There is nothing better than watching Nature turn the leaves to all kinds of colors. You can see all of this for yourself in Lewis Center. It just requires having the right house in the best neighborhood.