Physically Fit in WestervilleThe City of Westerville is not a sleepy little corner of northeast Franklin County. It gave up that image a long time ago and is a very thriving urban area in its own right. The people of Westerville are very concerned about physical health. On any given day you will see joggers and bikers out burning up the calories on their fitness journeys. Westerville makes it as convenient as possible for these health conscious folks.

How did this all gets started? It began in 1996 when Westerville created a strategic plan for the Parks and Recreation Department, known as PROS 2000. The plan called for walking paths and a bikeway network for the residents to enjoy. The voters like the idea and agreed to an income tax increase in order to fund it.

Running Here and There

The Westerville bike and walk route has over 29 miles of trails. These include marked distances so you can have a better idea of how much running you are doing. As you go on the jogging route, you will notice that these will connect to various bikeways. Informational kiosks can be found along the way and there are drinking fountains here and there. An interesting development involves the linking of the Ohio to Erie Trail with the Westerville Bike and Walkways. There’s a new bridge of the county line road which makes things a lot safer. The longest running trail is the Maxtown – Sunbury Trail. This is 13.5 miles in length and is perfect for anyone who is doing marathon training. Other long trails include the Maxtown – Schrock Trail and the Lakeland – Walnut Trail.

Bikes Everywhere

Westerville’s recreational path systems includes bike paths. Many of these intersect with the running trails and allow you to go through what areas as well as fields and through city parks. Bike safety is extremely important in Westerville and there are various ordinances which you are required to follow. One important one is a 15 mile an hour speed limit on all the park trails.

Incidentally, Westerville encourages bicycles as a form of transportation. There are bike lanes on the roads where cyclists can ride without causing traffic problems. Westerville also has something known as Sharrows. These have shared markings and alert motorists to the possibility of bicyclists being on the road. They help turn, stay safe and prevent bicycling the wrong way. It is a means by which motorists and those who use bicycles can take advantage of Westerville streets at the same time with smaller chances of accidents.

Finding the Right House

Whether you fancy running or using a bicycle, the Westerville Department of Parks and Recreation’s does everything possible to make things convenient. You can easily go online and see the various maps of the running paths and the biking areas. That way, if you are a serious trainer or just somebody who enjoys little outdoor physical fitness, you can use the map that delivers what you want.

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