Home Sellers:

Did you know that the best chance to sell your home is within the first 7 weeks?

It’s true.  After those 7 weeks, the final sale price will drop rapidly.

The mistake many potential sellers make is pricing their homes too high, perhaps in some vain attempt to drive up the final negotiated price. In the current market, this usually backfires.

First: an overpriced property is going to see fewer offers. It will basically help sell other people’s homes in your neighborhood.

Second: it will limit financing options. When the lender receives the current market appraisal and finds out that your price is too high, it will decline the financing. Period.

And finally, the home will lose a much greater percentage of its value when the seller needs to move and inevitably drops the asking price.

Dear Home Sellers: the trick to moving your home quickly is to find a market friendly price that will make you as much money as possible.

And that is exactly what we help sellers do. We will come to you and give you a personal market value analysis, with no hassles or obligations, just an honest advice on how to get the best price for your home.

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