Columbus is a booming city with a lot of opportunities. Central Ohio is a great place to put your career in top gear, and it is why folks are moving into the area. A fast paced job brings with it a lot of stress, however. You spend the day making tough decisions and staying hours after work is common. It is great to be able to find a place to unwind; a living area that is more quiet than hectic. You can find that peace of space in Lewis Center.

This is a corner of Orange Township that is unincorporated. Lewis Center is not some community development which sprang up in the last few years. The community has been in existence since 1850 and has the history to go with it. What is more important is the country scenery you are able to look at outside your window. This is an area that is surrounded by farmland and nature. It is really just the thing you need to put down the burdens of work.

Nature Beckons You to Visit

You have worked your way up the corporate ladder or you have developed a successful practice with many satisfied clients. This all comes at a price, however. A day of work can be very tiring and you have to have a way to recharge your batteries. Nature has been known to be the best form of relaxation. Walking along nature paths or taking a quick run along a country lane does an awful lot to bring you back to life. Lewis Center has a number of nature attractions which are almost too difficult to resist.

Highbanks Metropark is one of the best in central Ohio. You can take some time to rejuvenate yourself along the many trails which crisscross this green environment. You will see park inhabitants you may never have seen before. They are not just deer and squirrels, but wild turkeys as well. You can even take your binoculars and check out all the many birds that use Highbanks for their nesting ground.

You do not have to check out nature all by yourself. Why not bring along your dog? The Alum Creek Dog Park is designed to permit you some quality time with your four-legged friend. The community supports this space for dogs and the friends of Alum Creek Dog Park do their fair share to keep the maintenance up to high standards. Shale Hollow Preserve is a final piece of nature in the area. You can stroll along and listen to all the sounds of quiet. The peace is good for your inner calm

The Properties are there

Lewis Center have become a haven for those seeking shelter from the corporate storms. It is an area where you can raise your family and enjoy all the good times and beauty of life. This being said, you need a guide and not just for the nature trails. There any number of houses looking for owners. Each has its own special attraction but which one is the best for you? It is not an easy decision to make at all. This is a pretty piece of land but the houses all command a very substantial price. The worst thing that could ever happen to you is to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the wrong house. The value of Lewis Center property is sufficient reason to use an experienced real estate agent.

Someone who is familiar with Orange Township should be the individual who will investigate the properties for you. He or she will set up showings and report back to you any important information on a specific property. This special real estate agent can be instrumental in the final negotiations. Such a professional is going to make sure that the proper inspections have been conducted, title searches have been done, and any repairs to the property are agreed upon. It is worth your while to have a good agent working for you.

Lewis Center is close enough to downtown Columbus to be reached in less than an hour and far enough away to allow you living space. It is very easy to raise your family in these beautiful surroundings. You are allowed the best of both worlds: the bustling opportunity of Columbus and the peaceful surroundings of Orange Township. This is an area you should consider as you shop for houses.